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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Charlotte Smoothie
Charlotte Smoothie | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece


Smoothie is a tall woman towering with dark eyes, conspicuous lips, and very long legs. In addition, he has a large hand that is disproportionate even for its size, where he is able to grasp Nami's waist with one hand. His hair is bright long and wavy which covers his right eye and stretches down his back. He wore a large leotard, a bright scarf that hung down to the ground, a sleeve around his elbows, a hat that resembled a beret, and a pair of dark boot long to knee, with a decoration above. He also has a small tattoo with a rose in his upper right foot.


Smoothie responds to something with a light attitude. He will help his crew if he has time but tends not to show seriousness in carrying out it. However, he would regret if he failed to carry out his duties.

He has a very cruel side where he likes to extort the lives of his men, even when they beg to stop, instead he enjoys drinking the juice of the juice while naughty dropping the body that has been squeezed, he treats his subordinates like a liquid source compared to humans. This was demonstrated when he hung a woman on a rope, along with a giraffe and volcanic stone, used it as a drink dispenser  and when he licked Nami.

Even though he looks indifferent all the time, Smoothie can be very serious if the situation requires and will not waste time making tactics to solve problems as efficiently as possible. He is also clever at reading people's behavior and will make decisions based on the reactions a person might make, as shown when he neglected to tell Big Mom about rebellious prisoners at the Whole Cake Chateau knowing that his mother would go berserk and nobody wanted to deal with him.

On certain occasions, such as the Tea Party, he can be friendly and friendly, welcome guests and warmly offer them drinks.

Smoothie has intrigue and cares for people who have the potential to hurt him, he marks the Reiju power while squeezing poisons out of his arms and calls Reiju a "problem".

The only Smoothie seemed to lose his composure was when his mother went berserk for asking for a cake. During the event, Smoothie panicked and shouted to his brother to run away from his angry mother.



Charlotte Linlin

As the 14th daughter, Smoothie is very loyal to her mother. He seems to want to avoid his mother from unnecessary problems, as he convinced his mother not to come into involvement.


Big Mom Pirates

As one of Sweet Commanders, he is highly respected by the crew and has authority over his subordinate crew.


Smoothie seems to appreciate Baron Tamago where he is seen listening to his advice even though his position is higher among the crew. Then when he failed to catch Brook, he reported to Tamago and apologized for his failure.

Strength and ability

As Sweet Commander, Smoothie is one of the strongest members of the Big Mom Pirates. His authority in the Big Mom Pirate was second only to his own mother. As Minister of Juices, he also rules one of the islands in Totto Land. The hunting value of 32932,000,000 indicates that the World Government considers it very dangerous for their operations.

Smoothie has a strong leadership ability, and can quickly emerge with a plan to trap and eradicate his enemies.

Physical Ability

Smoothie has a very high level of physical strength according to his size, is able to face with one hand and both hands squeeze a normal sized human with his strength without difficulty. He was also able to squeeze a giraffe with one hand.  He seemed to have a strong will, able to hold Haoshoku Haki Big Mom and stay awake from his loud shouts.

He has extraordinary resistance where he can withstand kicks from Reiju, the Germa Commander who is genetically perfected with superhuman strength, extraordinary abilities because Reiju is physically strong enough to hit Yonji's flying.

Devil Fruit

Smoothie is seen mastering a kind of ability of the Satanic species of Paramecia that allows it to meremat and squeeze "juice" of a living or not living object as if they were wet clothes. Although the process makes the victim dry and withered, it does not appear to cause bodily injury and cause a pleasant sensation rather than a painful sensation, seen from the victim of a woman who is groaning in addiction. The juice can then be absorbed, and has been recognized by many individuals as having extraordinary taste, even though it comes from unusual sources such as giraffes.

The dead object was squeezed for juice, for example when Smoothie offered his mother a lava drink from a volcanic rock. He also uses his ability to squeeze poisons out of his body.


The dead object was squeezed for juice, for example when Smoothie offered his mother a lava drink from a volcanic rock. He also uses his ability to squeeze poisons out of his body.


Yonko Saga

Whole Cake Island Arc

The day before the wedding between Charlotte Pudding and Vinsmoke Sanji, Smoothies and Katakuri arrived at the Chateau Whole Cake.

Inside the treasure room, Smoothies and Tamago keep Big Mom's three poneglyphs. Smoothie used his power to extort the life of a woman, while Tamago explained what poneglyphs they had to improve their safety, because he suspected Pedro would come for the poneglyps just like he did five years ago.