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Monday, February 25, 2019

Emperio Ivankov | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece

Emporio Ivankov (エ ン ポ リ オ ・ イ ワ ン コ フ, Enporio Iwankofu?) Was a queen of Okama from Kamabakka Kingdom and a commander of the Revolutionary Forces. His character appears in the story while imprisoned at Impel Down's 5.5 Level in Impel Down Story. He decided to help Monkey D. Luffy in the war at Marineford and again became Queen Okama in the Kingdom of Kamabakka after the war ended. He has the power of the Devil Fruit "Horu Horu no Mi" which gives him the ability to produce hormones that can affect the body's work system, both himself and others if injected into the body. During the two-year timeskip, Ivankov challenged Sanji to defeat 99 Newkama Kenponya masters to get the secret recipe "Attack Recipe".


Ivankov is a very large and easily recognizable person, especially from his big head with thick purple afro hair and his distinctive style of dress as an okama. I was so thick, Ivankov's hair could hold several people freely. It has a square face shape, with a unique chin shaped like an arrow. He has a coat of arms right in front of his chest. He wore a gown in a purplish red woman with thick makeup. like purple lipstick and thick eyelashes, as well as a pair of gloves and long boots with stockings nets to thighs. He also uses a crown as a symbol of unity. In general, the style of dress describes its status as okama. With the power of his hormones, Ivankov can turn out to be bigger with a man's stature. This form is more often seen, both when talking and during a fight. Meanwhile, in a flashback to saving the Gray terminal people, he wore a long robe with the typical head cover of the Revolutionary Forces.


Emporio Ivankov is shown as one of the strongest characters that appears during the One Piece story. He is considered the greatest okama and became an idol for other okama-okama throughout the world, and served as queen status in the Kamabakka kingdom; a transvestite island that has many powerful fighters. He also became one of the revolutionary commanders led by Monkey D. Dragon who rebelled against the World Government. He even mentored Sanji and trained him to become stronger during the two timeskip years. As the queen of okama, Ivankov fully ruled the Kamabakka kingdom and became the master of Newkama Kenpo. While detained at Impel Down, he founded his new kingdom called New Kama Land at level 5.5 and recruited a number of small troops consisting of prisoners. After escaping from prison, he returned to the Kamabakka kingdom with his followers and united them with his old followers while returning to being the queen who ruled them.

Newkama Kenpo

Ivankov's fighting skills were great. He mastered and became a master of Newkama Kenpo martial arts. He was able to defeat several strong characters like Sadi-chan and Sanji with relative ease. He was also able to compensate for the attack of one of the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma during the war at Marineford. His physical endurance is very capable. He seemed unaffected by extreme temperatures at Impel Down. One of his single attacks; "Hell Wink", capable of destroying a group of enemies with enough winks. Ivankov has thick make-up, which can protect him from Magellan's powerful attacks and Admiral Akainu.

Devil Fruit

Emporio Ivankov eats the paramecia-type Devil Fruit "Horu Horu no Mi", which gives it the ability to produce hormones that can control the human body's system. This power made him known as the "Maker of Miracles". The ability of the devil's fruit is able to overhaul one's work system, such as changing gender and spurring the vitality of life like doping. This also allows him to increase the chances of life of someone who is dying, even though they have the risk of shortening their lifespan for ten years instead. This ability also allows her to change sex at will, change her size and heal herself without side effects.