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Wibu Akuet
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Monet | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece

Monet is subordinate to Doflamingo, a Harpy who is in charge of overseeing Caesar Clown's work on Punk Hazard. Apart from being Caesar's assistant, he was also in charge of supervising children who were kidnapped on the island. He is one of the antagonists in Punk Hazard's Story.

After being defeated by Roronoa Zoro and Tashigi, Monet tries to blow Punk Hazard on Doflamingo's orders. But it failed after Caesar stabbed his heart which was thought to belong to Smoker.


Monet, a beautiful young woman but with a harpy body part. He has white feathered wings as his arms and long bird legs with sharp claws. His hair is long, wavy in light green and has brown eyes (in the yellow-eyed anime). He wore a green tank top that read "HAPPY" in front of his chest and knee-length tights with orange-yellow stripes. In the manga version of the color image, the monet's legs from top to bottom of the calf are displayed with human feet.

While reading, Monet was seen wearing glasses, implying he was far-sighted. He also has a Den Den Mushi tied around his belt around his waist. When he is angry, Monet can change like a very creepy monster with sharp teeth and eyes look angry.

During the invasion of Dressrosa, and also welcoming Trafalgar Law on Punk Hazard, Monet's whole body looked normal like an ordinary human.


Donquixote Doflamingo

He is very loyal and loyal to Doflamingo. Like other members of the Donquixote Family, he also called him "young master" and always followed his orders without question. It seems that Monet put great trust in Doflamingo, stating that he would become the next pirate king. Nearing the fall of Punk Hazard, Monet unhesitatingly carried out Doflamingo's orders to blow up the facility even though he would blow himself up too.

Caesar Clown

Monet was assigned to oversee Caesar's work because Doflamingo did not seem to really trust scientists [2]. Even so, Monet is quite close to Caesar. As an assistant, he followed Caesar's orders and helped in his work. A rather strange loyalty because then Monet was even willing to give his heart to Law at the behest of Caesar without hesitation. He was also very serious about protecting Caesar and his experiments. When Luffy's entourage stormed the facility, he tried to block Luffy and attacked the Navy Marines and other Straw Hats trying to save the children.

Kidnapping victims

Monet displays great attention to the children who are held captive on Punk Hazard. But this attitude is only a lie. Thanks to his friendly nature, he benefited because some children saw him as a mother. Mocha is one exception to this, because he realized that they were all cheated and eventually turned against Monet. In fact, Monet worked with Caesar and saw children no more as subjects for experimental tests.

Ability and Authority

Because of its Harpy body, Monet has the ability to fly. The wings can also function like a hand to hold. Seen when Monet read the newspaper and had no trouble turning pages and writing. He can also use his foot claws to hold weapons to attack enemies.

Monet seems like a good researcher. He could find information about the Straw Hat Crew in a short time. He was also able to find Law's involvement with Luffy two years ago. Monet was quite careful in assessing the strength of the straw hat crew, stating that their hunting rating might not reflect the actual strength because they were not active for two years. He was also devious enough to be able to hold Luffy after he was defeated.

In a real battle, Monet is a formidable fighter. He was able to make it difficult for Luffy and Zoro despite admitting that he wouldn't have a chance against them. He also has agility and speed in avoiding Tashigi's sword attacks.

Devil Fruit

Monet eats the Yuki Yuki no Mi Devil Fruit, the Logia type that gives him the ability to transform into snow elements. Yuki means snow and fruit gives it the ability to manipulate snow in several forms. He could form a very hard wall of dense snow. Layers that are very difficult to destroy and are useful for fortifying the path of their enemies, can even lock them up. He can also make his enemies fall asleep by hugging them with their cold bodies so that they lower the enemy's body temperature and weaken them.