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Wibu Akuet
Friday, March 1, 2019

Alvida the Gada Besi (金 棒 Kanabo) is the Captain of the Alvida Pirates and also the first antagonist faced by Luffy (in the anime). And because of his role, he can be considered a tertiary antagonist in the Loguetown Arc. Alvida is now in alliance with the Buggy Pirates.

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Monkey D. Luffy

Because Luffy was the one who first beat / beat him, Alvida felt crazy about him. Crazy about here means he admires, praises and respects Luffy, like his idol. Luffy himself doesn't seem to understand that feeling. He showed little disappointment when Buggy tried to kill him during the Loguetown Arc.


Alvida is Coby's main enemy, who has not forgotten the times when he worked hard as a slave on his ship. Coby stated that he would one day arrest him and put him in jail.

Ability and Strength


East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

At the beginning of the series, Alvida's subordinates accidentally save Luffy from floating in the ocean. After hearing the story from Cob about how he could become a slave on the Alvida Ship, Luffy decided to help Coby to escape Alvida's slavery by defeating him. With just one hit from Gomu Gomu no Pistol, Alvida was defeated.


Alvida vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Translation and Dub Problems

According to the Wanted Poster in the anime, the name is spelled "Aluvida", as seen in Episode 45. However, in the actual manga it says "Alvida".

In the original version of the Loguetown Arc, when Alvida explained the power of her Devil Fruit, she claimed that the only thing the Sube Sube no Mi could do for her appearance was removing spots. In the 4Kids dub, he clearly admitted that the fruit made him beautiful.

Difference between Anime and Manga

In the manga, he and Luffy meet on a dock on Goat Island. However, in the anime he met Luffy when Alvida was robbing a cruise ship. In Movie 9 there was an error in spelling the name Alvida. On one of the Wanted Posters written "Aluvida".


He was named after a pirate in the real world, Awilda, a woman who pretended to be a man to lead his crew and later became queen of Denmark. But most historians agree that he might never be there. According to Oda, one thing that is not on the Alvida Ship is a Mirror. He is one of two women in the world of One Piece who is recognized as "the prettiest", besides Boa Hancock . He is also one of two women who admit to having feelings for Luffy, besides Boa Hancock. However, unlike Hancock, whose love can be likened to a teenage girl, Alvida's love is a love to admire and respect, because Luffy was the first person who ever dared to hit him. When the Marine commander was considering the price of Luffy's first bounty, they counted Morgan's defeat the Ax Hand, Buggy Badut, Don Krieg, and Arlong the Saw Tooth, but did not mention Alvida. This might be because Luffy is still unknown and the news about the incident of Alvida vs. Luffy is not much known.