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Wibu Akuet
Saturday, March 16, 2019

Daddy Masterson, also known as Daddy the Father, is a bounty hunter residing in the East Blue city of Loguetown. Masterson is known for his expertise in shooting and even received some praise from famous Marines such as Smoker (Formerly a commodity) and famous pirates such as Yasopp. He has a daughter named Carol Masterson. He only appeared in the anime and in the novel version of the Loguetown Arc.
Daddy Masterson | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece


AdDaddy is a man of average height with a slender body, large sideburns, mustache, and beard.

Daddy Masterson has an appearance that looks like a western cowboy and a fugitive hunter at the end of the 19th century, he uses a cowboy hat, and has the ability to shoot as is known from fugitive hunters in the west. He also wears gloves and a robe with several weapons tied together with shirts and pants, symbolizing his status as a shooter.


Daddy is a serious man and seems a bit mysterious when he was first introduced, even though he is considered mysterious because of his heavy robe and voice. Then when he was seen with Carol, the soft side of him was revealed, but strangely though he clearly showed love and attachment to his daughter, he seemed not to change the sound of his weight or behavior to speak more softly.

During a flashback with Yasopp, it appears that Daddy has some sort of honor code stating that he (Daddy) lost a duel, Yasopp owes Daddy to take his life. Although Yasopp refused to take his life at the time, Daddy showed strong respect for Yasopp where the respect was passed on to the sniper boy, Usopp.

Ability and Strength

Daddy as a former Marine Sniper has excellent shooting skills. He often asks people to duel as seen when he challenged Usopp and Yasopp. Furthermore, he was very fast in terms of triggering his weapon when he killed four people as they targeted him.


According to Usopp the weapon Daddy used was thirty flintlocks. Daddy excels at using it and that's why he often asks people to duel. Daddy hid his weapons behind the robe.


Loguetown Arc

During the events that occurred in Loguetown during his past meeting with Usopp's father, Yasopp, while in the match it was revealed and his nickname Daddy the father was addressed by Zoro who at that time watched Daddy destroy a group of thugs in the city easily. Before this he was seen talking to Smoker and asking him to sign a request for resignation, as long as Smoker asked about his daughter and claimed that the Marines would be sad because of losing a great sniper who turned into an ordinary fugitive hunter. When he was about to leave, Smoker told Daddy to say hello to his son, Carol, for him. As soon as he left the room, Tashigi asked if the person Daddy Masterson and Smoker answered with praise and from there he also said that he and Daddy were equal.

Because Yasopp regretted his life, Daddy's pride had been tarnished so he resigned as a Marine officer. Years later, he met Usopp in Loguetown and challenged him to a duel. Usopp tried to run away at first, but finally regained consciousness and asked for an actual duel with Daddy. Daddy issued a challenge in which Usopp had to shoot a weather vane that was far away from his catapult in the first attempt. Usopp not only managed to hit the propeller but also succeeded in getting a gem that was impossible to see on the propeller. Daddy congratulates him, convincing him not to lose his courage and that he will definitely meet his father on the Grand Line, and Carol, his daughter, gives Usopp a pair of glasses that Usopp will buy before.