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Wibu Akuet
Sunday, March 10, 2019

Gekko Moriah (ゲ ッ コ ー ・ モ リ ア Gekkō Moria) is a former Shichibukai who lives on the largest ship in the world, Thriller Bark. He is the main antagonist in Thriller Bark's story thanks to his act of stealing Brook's shadow and various other creatures to become zombies. After the big battle at Marineford, the title Shichibukai was later revoked because it was considered too weak.

Gekko Moriah | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece


Moriah is a big, giant person with a demonic appearance. With that height, he is the highest known Shichibukai. The theme of the animal is gecko; based on the name, and also the general appearance and wide collar of the shirt that resembles a frayed lizard neck. On his head there are several horns that are tapered from the sides of the forehead and stitches flow vertically from the top of his face and down the neck. He has pointed ears and teeth, and his body is relatively fat, contrasting compared to his legs and arms.

Moriah's hair is red (purple in the anime) and her skin is pale blue. He wore a black coat, a net shirt and bright orange pants. He also wears black gloves, wears a tie, and a necklace and cross like blue ornaments with claws. During the Shichibukai meeting at Marineford, Moriah then added a fur robe for her clothes.

In the past, Moriah looked thinner than at present and has a pointed chin.


Moriah maintained a relaxed and relaxed attitude at all times, even during battle. He was very confident that he would not be defeated. He believes that true pirates shouldn't be afraid of anything. He often seems to always grin and laugh, and only changes his expression when bad situations occur to him. In general Moriah prefers to avoid fighting altogether or at least fight his enemies directly. He prefers to send his zombies down to fight or rely on his shadow while he is just lying lazily; like when fighting Luffy. At one time he declared his dream of becoming the new Pirate King, stating that he would rely on his own strength to achieve his goals. But he was very lazy and believed that if he had a strong crew then his goal would be achieved, in line with his motto "relying on others to achieve goals" as stated in the story. During the war at Marineford, Moriah absorbed the shadows of the Marines to add to his strength, but Jinbade defeated him easily, saying that he would not get stronger by relying on other people.

Moriah had extensive knowledge of the New World and he knew very well how frightening this area was. On Thriller Bark, he told Luffy that with his current strength, he would only lose all of his crew. The prediction was later proven correct when the straw hat crew entered the Sabaody archipelago, not even reaching the New World. In his past, Moriah also dreamed of being the next "Pirate King", like Luffy, and had many crew. He seemed to be very concerned about his crew, considered them as good friends and valuable friends. Then their adventure stops in the New World (Shin Sekai) after losing in the hands of Yonko Kaido. He then lost all members of his crew and became the only one who survived. Armed with that terrible experience, he rebuilt his strength with the zombie army, believing that he would not face such suffering again if he had to lose their undead in battle.

Like most characters in One Piece, Moriah also has a unique laugh style with "Keshishishishi ...".


Crew Member

Moriah seemed to care deeply about her old crew. After losing them, Moriah changed a little and his view of the crew changed dramatically. He then has a zombie crew, thinking if he won't feel suffering if he has to lose them. Moriah seemed to still grieve about their loss and even reacted quite heavily when thinking about them.

On Thriller Bark, all the crew were very respectful and loyal to Moriah. In this case the other "Mysterious Four" like Absalom, Dr. Hogback and Perona. Among the crew, Absalom is the most obedient. He actively served the interests of Moriah such as arresting strong people to take his shadow by Moriah, or raising "General Zombies" to fight the straw hat crew. Other crew, Dr. Hogback was tasked with creating various zombies with his medical abilities, provided that he could revive Victoria Cindry and Perona, even though he had intended to run away, but he showed a caring attitude like when he received the fake news of Moriah's death and lamented him. While the other Zombies, their loyalty was more due to the influence of the Kage Kage Moriah power that made them automatically obey him.