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Wibu Akuet
Thursday, March 14, 2019

Merry is Kaya's loyal servant and the person who designed the Going Merry.

Merry | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece


Merry is quite tall, officially dressed in a maid with the most distinguishing feature, her sheep-themed appearance. His hair is curly like sheep's hair and has two sheep horns sticking out from it; the horn is shorter 20 years before. His lips are also similar to those of a sheep. Even the collar has fur around it.

After the timeskip, his hair has grown thicker and also includes a bright mustache and beard.



Merry is a very dedicated and empathetic servant to his master, willing to fight and even die for him.


At first he was very antagonistic towards Usopp, who constantly jumped over the fence of the house to meet Kaya and told eccentric stories where Merry felt that Usopp's lies would somehow poison Kaya. When Usopp felt he had no time to explain Klahadore's betrayal to Kaya and tried to force him to leave the village, Merry immediately came to defend him and fired a gun at Usopp, injuring him on his left arm without killing him. Merry knows the tragic story behind Usopp's chronic lie that it is the only thing that helps him overcome his mother's death. After all, he later changed his views about Usopp after being attacked by Kuro, when he told Kaya that Usopp had told the truth.


At first Merry trusted his fellow servant Klahadore because both of them saw his master Kaya's happiness as the most important factor. They have a friendly relationship for three years working together. They also agreed to see Usopp as an untrustworthy liar who only likes to cause trouble, and thus, Merry refused to believe Usopp's claim that Klahadore was a pirate who tried to steal Kaya's wealth, and even laughed at him as something ridiculous when discussing this with Klahadore . However, when his colleague revealed his true color, his trust and love for Merry immediately turned into fear and hate.

Kuro, in turn, did not show genuine sympathy for Merry from the start, and even tried to kill him for no reason needed, but for the mere pleasure under the crescent moon. Even Kuro was rather disappointed when he found out that Merry had survived the attack.

Ability and Authority

Merry as Rich waiter, was able to do what was needed for his job. He also has talent about designing a ship. His skill in designing ships, however, was only limited to luxury ships which were made solely for the transportation of the rich and how they were seen. In self-defense, he holds a flintlock to shoot Usopp and survives Kuro's attack.


One day while carrying out his duties, Merry saw several intruders entering the house while the guards guarding the front gate were away for lunch. Seeing this, Merry told Klahadore Kaya's other servant. Then, Merry continued his assignment that day. He received special glasses ordered by Kaya from a neighboring city as a gift for 3 years Klahadore worked there, commenting that it would be a beautiful gift.