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Wibu Akuet
Saturday, March 2, 2019

Morgan the Hand of the Ax (斧 手 の モ ー ガ ン Onote no Mōgan) is a former Captain in the Navy from the 153 Branch. After his defeat in Luffy's hands, he was removed from his position because he misused his power for three years.
Morgan | Wikia One Piece | Oploverz One Piece


Morgan is a tall, muscular man with blond hair (blondes in the anime) and metal jaws, showing intimidating facial features. Like his nickname, his right hand was replaced with a big ax. Like most other Navy officers, Morgan wears a marine uniform complete with a long robe worn over his shoulder. He is also usually seen smoking cigars.

After being imprisoned, he wore a prisoner uniform with white blue stripes and clothes. It also has chains in both hands and feet. Long ago when leading the Navy against the Kuroneko Pirates, Morgan did not yet have ax hands and metal jaws, and looked slimmer with longer hair.


Before the event "caught" Kuro, Morgan appeared to be a brave Navy who was not afraid to die. After his promotion he later changed to being like him who is currently, doing a biopsy and acting arbitrarily.



Morgan has a very spoiled child named Helmeppo. But he does not seem to show the kind of fatherly love in Helmeppo, even assuming that he is his worthless son.

Straw Hat Pirates

Morgan has a grudge with a straw hat crew; especially Luffy and Zoro for defeating him.


As a Navy captain, Morgan has full power over the Shelltown Navy base as well as surrounding residents. But he misused his authority to get his wish and then his rank and power were disarmed. As a marine, he seems to be a formidable fighter. He also has extensive knowledge, such as about Devil Fruits whose existence is very rare in the East Blue.


In the fight, Morgan has a large ax mounted on his right arm. With his ax, he is strong enough, like being able to cut a whole fence with one swing or making cracks in the ground when fighting Luffy and Zoro.



OrganMorgan was defeated by Kuro

In Kuro's flashback, Morgan was once only a lower ranking Navy officer. One night, Morgan and his army fought the Kuroneko Pirates. Then Kuro pirate captain sneaks into the marine ship and defeats them all. Morgan who was injured, Kuro used it as part of his plan. He was then hypnotized by Jango and believed that he had captured Kuro (who was exchanged for ordinary pirates). Morgan managed to get the fame of the false success and his rank was then raised to captaincy.

Romance Dawn Story

Morgan first appeared to lead the Navy base on the island of Shell with the rank of captain. When he first appeared, he was shown as an arbitrary captain, who oppressed civilians and even his own men. He seemed to complain when he learned that residents did not pay enough taxes and intended to punish them. Then Monkey D. Luffy came to the city intending to help Coby, as well as recruiting Roronoa Zoro. In one incident, Luffy accidentally destroyed Morgan's large statue, making him angry. Morgan immediately ordered his troops to chase Luffy and shoot Zoro and Coby. On the Naval base yard, he then confronts Luffy and Zoro but is defeated.