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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Yasopp is a sniper from the Red Hair Pirates. He is the father of Usopp and husband of Banchina.
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His appearance is very similar to that of his son Usopp, but he is not the same long-nosed and has blonde hair (the former being the hereditary nature of Usopp's mother, as well as her dark hair color). However, twenty years ago, Yasopp had the same tight curls and black hair like Usopp, so in Romance Dawn his hair was arranged in loose waves, but then the appearance showed him with dreadlocks. Besides, previously on, his body was slimmer while in his latest appearance, it seemed to have become more muscular. His appearance may have changed maybe because of the passing of time and his own personal experience.

His name is written on the headband, while in his latest appearance he doesn't have a headband and his name is written on his right upper arm. During his time in Foosha Village, he wore a dark blue shirt, dark green pants to the calves and blue shoes with buckles on them. He is wearing his headband now. At Marineford, he sports a dark A-shirt, shorts, standard boots and a large belt with a bag attached to it. There is also a small necklace around his neck. He maintained his trademark cape star, and he had a shotgun attached to his back through a band. He is also more muscular than his previous appearance.




Yasopp has a son named Usopp. Usopp didn't know much about his father, he only knew that his father was a member of the Shanks pirate crew. Merry tells Usopp that he started lying to expect his father to return to the village. When Luffy was little, Luffy remembered Yasopp who often told him about his son. Yasopp and Usopp are both professional snipers.


Banchina is the wife of Yasopp. They were separated (at the urging of him, to pursue his dream of becoming a Pirate) more than twelve years ago, when he joined Shanks.


At the end of the Battle of Marineford, Yasopp and Vista were seen looking at each other with dissatisfaction. Blue Deep Databook mentioned that something happened in the past between the two of them.


It's nothing, I can shoot ant antennas as far as 100 meters. YASOPP WORDS TO LUFFY

Romance Dawn

When Usopp was young, Yasopp left his home to become a pirate under the pressure of his wife who wanted him to pursue his dreams, no matter what. Yasopp then joined the Red Hair Pirates and followed them to Luffy's hometown.